About Food on Foot

Who We Are:

Food on Foot is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the poor and homeless of Los Angeles through programs that provide nutritious meals, clothing, work opportunities and ultimately the transition to full-time employment and life off the streets.

What We Do:

Every Sunday, for 20 years, we have provided hot, nutritious chicken dinners, snacks (fresh fruit, carrots, granola bars and bread), and drinks (bottled water and milk) to as many as 200 homeless and poor individuals and families in our Hollywood serving area location.  But our work doesn’t stop there. Our unique and all-inclusive “Work for Food” program provides homeless participants with a life skills education, job training, full time employment, housing they can afford, and most importantly, the confidence needed to make their accomplishments long lasting.

Thanks to our generous volunteers and donors, we show the homeless in Los Angeles they are not forgotten – that people care about them and are rooting for their success. By helping the homeless regain their dignity, get back into the workforce, and off the streets, we give a “hand up” rather than a hand out.

You can volunteer and help feed the homeless!

Food on Foot is a unique and personal response to hunger and unemployment because it is an effort entirely organized and maintained through the hard work of volunteers and generous individuals who provide the vast majority of our financial support.

Every Sunday at 3:15 pm, 52 weeks a year, rain or shine, approximately 20 volunteers distribute pre-packaged food and clothing to the homeless and poor in the private parking lot at 1625 N. Schrader in Hollywood.

Would you like to see the difference you are making in homeless people’s lives? Click here to register to volunteer with Food on Foot


Your Charitable Gift can change lives!

When you consider where your charitable dollars will do the longest lasting good, consider donating to Food on Foot, to help more and more people escape a life of poverty, neglect, and hunger.

Food on Foot offers several donation opportunities in which YOU can make a direct impact in the fight against homelessness. 

The quickest and easiest way to give is to donate online.  Nearly 85% of your donation is used to purchase items to rehabilitate those in need – food, food gift cards, and bus passes.

Click here to donate to Food on Foot

Want to make the biggest impact?  Join our $98 Club! Your monthly contribution of $98 will go towards funding the Work for Food program.

Click here to join the $98 Club and for more information on our Work for Food program.