5 ways your donations help the homeless

Are you looking for a way to help the homeless of Los Angeles?

With so many organizations out there, which one would you support?

Whereas many organizations focus primarily on housing, Food on Foot first targets one of the primary hurdles that many homeless face – low self-esteem – and then building upon that foundation through education, job-placements, and empowerment.

As a result, Food on Foot holds an impressive 85% success rate.

Food on Foot does not accept government funds, and relies primarily on kind-hearted donors like you to help fund its programming.

Five ways your donations help the homeless


1. Your support builds confidence

Every week, the homeless participants in the Work for Food program have 1 on 1 and group sessions with Food on Foot’s program director / licensed clinical therapist. The homeless client’s confidence and inner trust is strengthened as they learn how to set and achieve their goals

2. Your gifts help the homeless receive a life-skills education

The homeless whom you help gain an empowering education which they can utilize for years to come. This includes job interview training, computer training, and strengthening public speaking skills.

3. Your donations help the homeless develop a strong work ethic

Each week, the homeless people in the Work for Food program are assigned a cleaning route, where they pick up trash and debris from the streets of Hollywood. By taking on responsibilities, these participants develop leadership skills, discipline and perseverance.

4. You help the homeless give back to society

Our homeless clients learn to give back by helping others in the community through random acts of kindness. In fact, each of our participants must perform a random act of kindness in order to enter the Work for Food program each week. This way, our clients learn that giving back is more powerful than receiving.

5. You help the homeless earn full-time jobs

The top participants in the Work for Food program receive a full-time job and an apartment they can afford with that job. We make sure the homeless people you help receive the same high-quality care on the job as they receive while in the program. And when our employers care, our clients succeed!

• Patrick G., age 61, became “employee of the month” at Ocean Prime Restaurant in Beverly Hills.
• At age 56, Lee D. started out as a busboy at Tender Greens. Two years later, he was promoted as a manager. He currently holds this proud position in the Studio City location.